Frank & Oak Lands $15 Million to Build Offices In NYC


(Photo via Frank & Oak) (Photo via Frank & Oak)

Building a fashion ecommerce brand is clunky. It combines the difficult aspects of product design and marketing the retail business, the most unscalable model of all.

Despite those challenges, men’s fashion ecommerce startup Frank & Oak has nabbed $15 million in Series B funding. TheyThey’ll use the cash to build a bigger marketing team and open a New York headquarters where they can start a community around the company.

Another priority in Frank & Oak’s portfolio is Oak Street, its men’s lifestyle magazine. Usually, in-house mags are just a combination lookbook/advertisement, but Ms. Song said that the upcoming issues are going to move toward editorial content, and away from branded articles and advertisements.

“Most of the new look books don’t include Frank & Oak clothing in them,” Frank & Oak founder Ethan Song told Betabeat. “The reason why we’re taking that angle is because oak street as a catalogue is…

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